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We have been making some important discoveries in our Cancel Culture series as we have seen how what some have called culture really is a cult. The Cancel Cult of Culture tries to silence and destroy anything and everything they do not like. It can be scary but if we follow Jesus we realize that we just can’t live that way. The call of Jesus is to rise above the cancel cult of culture and discover no matter how loudly the culture screams, no matter what the culture says, and no matter how hard the culture works to cancel you – Jesus has something else to say and what He says is the only thing that matters. Get ready to wrap up this series with one more look deep into the culture we live in and see how to navigate it in a way that honors Him.

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  1. Canceled but not Invisible
  2. Canceled but not Erased
  3. Canceled but not Forgotten

In this worship event, we showed a clip from the series, The Chosen. You can find out more by visiting or downloading their app. The clip shown was from season 2, episode 1.

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Letting Seuss Loose – Cancel Culture Series (Session Four)

by Church @ 434 | Worship Audio

Letting Seuss Loose – Cancel Culture Series (Session Four)

by Church @ 434 | Sermon Audio

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