Welcome to The Church @ 434’s Multimedia Resource Center! Dive into a wealth of spiritual enrichment and guidance with our extensive collection of recordings from our Celebration Worship, Sonrise Bible Study, and CORE Bible studies in video, audio and podcast form, along with our daily videos from our 434 in Motion lineup.

Whether you’re seeking to reconnect with a sermon’s message, deepen your understanding of scripture, or simply find inspiration for your spiritual journey, you’ll find a diverse array of teachings and insights waiting for you here. Explore, learn, and grow as you engage with the timeless wisdom and uplifting messages from our vibrant community.

Worship Series and Bible Studies

Click on the images below to access the following resources. The recorded sessions are grouped into series and divided by category (Celebration Worship, Sonrise Bible Study and CORE Bible Study). If you prefer to see a listing that include all three, click here

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List of all Celebration Worship Series

Sonrise Bible Study series taught by our Pastor, Jeff Dixon

Mid-Week Bible Study Series

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Other Resources

434 in Motion

Welcome to 434 in Motion, the dynamic daily video network of The Church @ 434! Here, we bring you an engaging array of shows designed to uplift, inspire, and grow you spiritually, while also delving into topics that pique your interest. From insightful discussions on faith and scripture to practical tips for navigating life’s challenges, 434 in Motion offers something for everyone. Tune in daily to discover compelling content that encourages personal growth, fosters community connection, and enriches your journey of faith. Join us as we embark on this vibrant exploration of spirituality and life’s many facets, right here on 434 in Motion.