Deep Thoughts – S1 – Episode 4 (S1E4)

In this episode, Jeff has a deep thought about coffee tables.

Luke-alike – Episode 7 (s1e7)

In this episode, we look at Luke 1:19-31 and how we should not be afraid, even though many times we start our fearful.

A Walk Through the Carpenter’s Shop – S4 – Episode 14 (S4E14)

In this episode, we look at how we can never be separated from the love of God.

Ghost Tours (Session One)

Session One in a series that goes along with our Worship Series, Ghost Stories.

Dixon on Disney Archives – Episode 24 (S1E24)

In this video, Jeff shows us Sing-a-ma-jigs.

A Walk Through the Carpenter’s Shop – S4 – Episode 13 (S4E13)

Have you ever chased a phrase through the Bible? In this episode we do just that, with the phrase “for us”

God Only Knows – We Know (Session Four)

We wrap up the We Know series with a look at one of the more mysterious and puzzling passages anywhere in Scripture. The things we can understand and know surrounding the Easter event are essential for us if we are going to communicate truth to a world that needs to have answers. While we can’t know everything, what we can understand matters more than we imagine. This passage is about not just one dead guy getting up and walking but a whole bunch of them…not sure what we are talking about? Get ready – it will be fun.

Luke-alike – Episode 6 (s1e6)

In this episode, we look at how we quit listening when we hear something that “is impossible”.

Deep Thoughts – S1 – Episode 3 (S1E3)

In this episode, we have a short thought on short people.

A Walk Through the Carpenter’s Shop – S4 – Episode 12 (S4E12)

In this episode, we look at how Jesus calls us to turn the world upside down.

Luke-alike – Episode 5 (s1e5)

In this episode, we look at Luke 1:13-16.

A Walk Through the Carpenter’s Shop – S4 – Episode 11 (S4E11)

In this episode, we look at the Good News and how you are forgiven and Jesus values you enough to die for you.

Ask Jeff – Episode 28 (S1E28)

In this episode, Jeff answers the question: “Why did Charles Lindbergh succeed when others failed?”

Before You Know It – We Know (Session Three)

In our series “We Know” we are discovering some things that anchor us to the reality and history of what happened around the very first Easter. Why does that matter? Because we live in a world that is way out of balance. People are angry, confused, and need hope – we know the answer they are needing, we know it is true, and we know that Jesus makes the difference. So return again to a very dark moment in history when light broke through and discover some things that we can know.

StarFleet Leadership Academy – Episode 14 (S1E14)

In this episode, we look at risk and how a good leader will take you out of your comfort zone instead of playing it safe.

Luke-alike – Episode 4 (s1e4)

In this episode, we look at Luke 1:5-12 and how God is faithful in the lives of Zechariah and Elizabeth. It is true for our lives as well.

Give Me A Word – S2 – Episode 9 (S2E9)

In this episode, we look at what it means when it says God resists, in the Bible.

A Walk Through the Carpenter’s Shop – S4 – Episode 10 (S4E10)

In this episode, we look at discouragement and how you deal with those moments.

Ask Jeff – Episode 27 (S1E27)

In this episode, Jeff answers the question: “What does it mean to be baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit and do you have to ask to be filled with the Spirit?”

StarFleet Leadership Academy – Episode 13 (S1E13)

In this episode, we look at how leadership can be overwhelming and how you deal with it.

As Far as I Know – We Know (Session Two)

We Know takes us into the event that changed all of human history. In a culture that needs hope and answers – we can know for certain that there is hope and there are answers. We know and we have to share it with others.
Life can be turbulent and if we are not careful leaves us shaken up – these quakes can be devastating but if we are certain of what ‘we know’ there is hope beyond the shaking.

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Ask Jeff – Episode 26 (S1E26)

In this episode, Jeff answers the question on what debauchery is.

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Recent Worship Service Series

Special Guest Sundays Page

Special Guest Sundays Page

This is a collection of worship services that we had a special guest teach us. This does not include the Biblical Discovery series, etc.

Welcome to the Jungle Series

Welcome to the Jungle Series

The jungle is filled with mystery, excitement, and adventure waiting to be experienced. In this summer series, we are going to go on a Jungle Cruise through the pages of the Bible that even the most seasoned of jungle explorers will find unexplored. Along the way, we learn valuable lessons about how to navigate through the jungles of life.

Missing Out Series

Missing Out Series

We all know what it is like to get walloped by a mis… not sure what that means? Lets say it this way – we need to have a faith that can withstand whatever the world brings our direction: those who mistreat us, mislead us, and misdirect us. (see all three words start with mis?) We would love to miss out on mistreatment, misleading, and misdirection. While we can’t miss out on those things, we can have a faith that is unstoppable, even when life is unfair, even when everyone around us is moving a different direction.



Welcome to Wrestle-Rama! Chris Whaley and Jeff Dixon will tag team teach as we grapple through the passages discusses in each session.

Recent Sonrise & CORE Studies

Now That I Have Your Attention

Now That I Have Your Attention

The world around us is noisy – yet in the midst of the noise many have a desire to hear God. Believe it or not, God desires for us to hear Him as well, so there are times that He will do whatever it takes to get your attention. This series is a practical reminder that we follow a God that can speak our language – and if we listen, it will change our lives

R.I.O.T. – Righteous Invasion of Truth

R.I.O.T. – Righteous Invasion of Truth

This CORE series serves as the bookend of where we have been.
We as a church have had to look at ways to reimagine ministry in a world of turbulent elections, civil unrest, pandemics, school closures, shutdowns, face coverings, social distancing, and a cancel culture.

Last year we began a very interesting journey in our CORE studies. As we elected new leaders we offered – Is Jesus a Democrat, Independent, or Republican?

Then we followed it up with 3 studies on the End Times…The final session of the end times trilogy was a stand-alone session focusing on America in the End Times….

And that brings us to this study. This serves as the bookend to the set of studies we have done in CORE and builds upon what we have looked at in both our Mid-Week studies and our Celebration Worship studies. This new series is called RIOT

Watercooler conversations have shifted in our culture….
It doesn’t matter where you go or what you do – there in your face is a constant barrage of what is happening in the world around us. It creates fear, angst, concern about the things going on and is born out of a need to be able to get some type of handle on them, trying to understand them, and most importantly trying to figure out how to navigate them.

The questions that emerge – tend to always come back to the big one – “what do I do as a follower of Christ?”
There is no shortage of commentators, opinions, and emotional manipulators that will gripe, groan, grovel, or grimace at the way things are – but again…we keep coming back to what do we do? How do we do it? And how do we know it is the right thing to do?

The church has to be willing to step out, step up, and step into the conversation. Because, let’s be honest about the world we live in. There is always someone willing to drive the narrative, so do you want to be driven or do you want to drive? Get ready for a real, rational, relational, and revolutionary way to navigate the culture in a way that is transformational – RIOT in CORE @ 434.

Signs 3: The End of the Trilogy

Signs 3: The End of the Trilogy

You can go back and find the first two portions of this CORE study called SIGNS & SIGNS 2, it is available on the website or the app
Because of the questions, requests, and demand…we are expanding this study into the first Mid-Week rotation of this year
Join us for the conversation and discussion as we study Revelation, specifically some of the End Times signs

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