Welcome to our Youth Ministry, where faith, service, and fun collide!

Join us for an exciting journey of discovery as we dive deep into the truths of the Bible through engaging and thought-provoking study sessions. Led by passionate mentors, our Bible studies are designed to empower young hearts and minds to explore their faith in a relevant and meaningful way.

But that’s not all—we’re also about putting our faith into action! Through various ministry projects and outreach initiatives, we have the opportunity to make a positive impact in our community and beyond. Our youth are empowered to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the world, encapsulated in the phrase “The Church has left the building.”

And let’s not forget about the fun! On the fourth week of each Mid-Week rotation, we come together for a special time of connection and laughter. Whether it’s a game, movie night, or an outdoor adventure, these gatherings provide a chance for us to unwind, build friendships, and create lasting memories.

Come be a part of something special at our Youth Ministry—where faith is lived out loud, service is a way of life, and every moment is an opportunity for growth and joy!

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